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#1 - Toda Erika

You may enter up to 3 icons. The more icons you enter, the bigger chance you get.
Use only the images provided.
You may blend images
You may use any brushes, textures, text, etc. you like.
Your icons should meet LJ standards. Not more than 100x100 pixels and no more than 40k.
Your icons should be new for this challenge. DO NOT use old icons.
Do not post your icon anywhere until voting is over and the winners have been announced.
No animation
I'm, the mod, can participate if I wanted to.
Upload your icons somewhere such as imageshack, tinypic, or photobucket

Submission format:


you can use the code below if you want to.

Deadline: Tuesday, May 27th. Yes, more than a week, because this is the first challenge for this comm :)

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