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Suggest themes

Name me the artists you'd like to see as the theme.
Give me the name(s) or scans if you've them.
They could be a singer, actor, actress, band, etc.
As long as they're japanese celeb.

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Themes which have been used so far:
- challenge #1 : Erika theme
- challenge #2 : Seto Koji theme
- challenge #3 : Aragaki Yui
- challenge #4 : Miura Haruma
- challenge #5 : Horikita Maki
- challenge #6 : Single Cover
- challenge #7 : Mizushima Hiro
- challenge #8 : Ueto Aya

- Eita
- Takeru Sato
- Oguri Shun

P.S. if your suggestions have not been used as the theme yet, just be patient :)
And thanks for the all suggestions in :D

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